Web portal for the field operator

Features for the field operator

Dashboard - Get a 360 degree view of what’s going on the field operation

Simplicity and easy-to-use are our key principles when designing fieldmaxx, right after you login the dashboard let you stay focused on just the most important things for your action. Easily deep dive into the details from here.

Search tasks and assign

Search by multiple criteria (priority, status..), worker get instant notification about the new assignment

Invoice management

Select what tasks will be invoiced, update payment and overview all balance numbers for all invoices

Teams and skills

Managing all information of your workforce and their skills & experiences

User and device management

Create and manage users details, also you can see which devices they're using with what version of fieldmaxx mobile app

Communicate instantly

You can add any note into a task to alert the mobile workforce, or simply drop them a message within the portal

Timesheets and expenses

All the timesheet will be automatically captured by our mobile app using by the worker, then the app send them all to server at the task level. Also you can see all expenses they spent white executing the tasks in one place.

Location and history tracking

You can easily view locations of tasks and workers, also all of activities happened on the tasks will be tracked automatically. 

Map View

It is a great way to virtually overview the locations of tasks and workers. The map will group the number of tasks by the area, zoom in to see more details of the tasks progress.

Calendar View

Quick look at calendar to see how tasks allocations are being made, you can easily see how you should schedule for the unassigned

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Fiedmaxx productivity reports give you visibility to assist you with making informed decisions for improvements to scheduling and planning tasks. Reduce travel time, increased more works done with customer satisfaction.